Food Stand Application


The food stand application is required (by county ordinance) for any events where student organizations or groups  plan to sell food on campus. 

  • This form must be completed and submitted 14 days prior to an event taking place.
  • In order to become approved, the person requesting must have passed the Food Stand Safety Quiz.
  • Once approved, the form will be e-mailed to the President of your Student Organization.
  • Please print a hard copy of the approved application,  this application must be visible and present at your event.

Please go to the Food Safety Quiz and submit this form 14 days prior to the event.

Organization Name
Contact Information/Organizers - First Name
Contact Information/Organizers - Middle Initial
Contact Information/Organizers - Last Name
Contact Information/Organizers - Email Address
Contact Information/Organizers - Phone Number
Contact Information/Organizers - Address
Contact Information/Organizers - City
Contact Information/Organizers - State
Contact Information/Organizers - Zip Code
Food Coordinator:

This individual must have completed the food safety training offered online by the Office of Student Involvement.
Contact Information for Coordinator:
Location of Stand:
Date of the Event:
Event Hours
Food Source:

Prepared on site? Made off campus and transported?
Providers name:

Name of bakery, grocery store, students, etc.
Name(s) of preparer(s):
Location the food is to be made:
List of foods that will be served at your stand, be specific:

Items must not be available in a vending machine at your site. If available, prices must be the same.
How will food be transported and temperatures maintained during delivery?
Who is serving your food?

(Caterer, self-service, sponsoring group, etc)
Identify equipment that will be provided and utilized to ensure safe handling:

Your application for a food stand has been denied for reasons noted below: