Alcohol Registration- 3rd Party Vendor (hired vendor)

Alcohol Registration-3rd Party Vendor

This form is due 10 days prior to any event which might involve alcohol to be served to students from UWRF at a venue held off of campus.

This form is to be submitted 10 days prior to any event which alcohol is available to students from UWRF held off of campus.

Contact Information - First Name
Contact Information - Middle Initial
Contact Information - Last Name
Contact Information - Email Address
Contact Information - Phone Number
Contact Information - Address
Contact Information - City
Contact Information - State
Contact Information - Zip Code
Name of Organization Sponsoring the Event
Name of Venue where Event is being held
Address of Venue

If venue is more than 1 mile from the corner of Cascade Avenue and Main Street, transportation must be provided to students from a central location on/near campus.
Venue Phone Number
Date of Event

Must be a minimum of 10 days after this form is turned in.
Time of Event

Include start and end time
Number of Organization Members attending
Number of Guests attending

*Non-members only
Guest List

Please include a word document with the guest list. Information included should be names and whether or not they are a student at UWRF.
Venue Liquor License

Student Involvement wants to insure that our organizations are protected from potential liability. Proof of a liquor license is required. If you cannot scan a copy, please submit a word document stating you will bring it in. This is required before approval.
Venue Insurance Policy

Any venue serving alcohol to UWRF students must have a minimum $1 million insurance policy. Please submit a copy or word document stating you will bring it into the office for approval.
Bussing Company Name

This is required for any event taking place more than 2 miles from campus.
Bussing Company Address
Bussing Company Phone Number
Please list food that will be provided to your guests.

Food should not need to be prepared for event nor have to be monitored for temperature concerns. Cold food such as cheeses, crackers and vegetables are appropriate offerings. Any food provided needs to come from a vendor who is licensed to make and distribute food (EX: Econo, Dick's, etc).
Sober Monitor Names

Organizations should provide 1 monitor for every 10 guests/members attending an event. EX: An event with 45 people should have 5 monitors.
Terms and Conditions

I have read and understand all policies and required procedures for hosting an event which serves alcohol at an off-campus establishment.