Food Safety Quiz

Food Safety Quiz

Successful completion of this quiz is required for your organization to host a Food Stand at UW-River Falls.

  • At least one student per student organization must pass with a score of 90% or higher.  
  • The individual passing this quiz must be present throughout all food stands hosted by the organization.
  • This quiz must be taken annually. 

Food Stand Requirements:

  • Each recognized student organization that sponsors a food sale or give away must annually have at least one representative complete the Food Safety Quiz on FalconSync.
  • It is expected that the student organization representative (“Food Coordinator”) that takes the quiz will provide guidance to other members who will prepare and/or staff the temporary food stand for their group. 
  • Each student organization that sponsors a food sale or give away must complete a Food Safety Quiz and submit it on FalconSync at least 14 days prior to the event.
  • Organizations are limited to sponsoring 3 events per academic year. If the organization would like to sponsor more than 3 events per year, they must work with Pierce County Public Health to obtain a Temporary Food Stand Permit.
  • Food handlers must be healthy and free from infections and communicable diseases.
  • All single serve items for a bake sale must be individually wrapped.
  • Disposable gloves must be used when unwrapped food is handled directly.

Proper Hand Washing:

  • The Food and Drug Administration has documented improper hand washing as one of the primary causes of food borne illness in the nation.
  • It is important that food handlers wash hands and equally important to follow proper hand washing procedures to prevent the spread of diseases. 
  • Food servers must wash  hands thoroughly to remove soil and contamination after:
    • Going to the restroom
    • Coughing and sneezing
    • Busing tables and handling trash
    • Touching raw eggs, meat, fish, or poultry
    • Food preparation
    • Each break
    • Smoking and eating
    • Any task that contaminates hands –such as touching money
    • Handling soiled equipment 
Food handlers must always wash their hands


•Wash hands, wrists and exposed portions of the arms in at least 110˚F (warm) water
•Use soap
•Lather for at least 20 seconds
•Sing “Happy Birthday” twice (out loud if you feel up to it)!
•Rinse thoroughly
•Dry with paper towels or hot air
*Hand sanitizers may be used after washing hands but not in place of doing so*

When washing your hands, the preferred method uses:
Handwashing is an extremely important part of the food safety process and may eliminate nearly half of all cases of foodborne illness. In addition, handwashing can significantly reduce the spread of colds and flu.

Handwashing should last at least ____ seconds.